Our Dental Implants service

Implant dentaire

Dental implants offer a permanent replacement to loose & missing teeth & can be a viable alternative to wearing dentures. From the replacement of a single tooth, to the complete reconstruction of an entire set of teeth, dental implants can transform your mouth, rebuilding the confidence behind a beautiful, functional & secure smile.

A dental implant is a metal screw, which is fitted in the mouth at the site of the missing tooth before being covered with a crown. Dental implants can be used to replace either single teeth or all of your teeth in both the upper & lower jaw.

Although implant dentistry takes time, the results are well worth it, providing you with a beautiful smile & complete confidence when biting, chewing & laughing.

Different possibilities offered with this system:

  • An implant to replace a tooth, which would avoid ruining the neighbouring teeth as might be the case with a bridge.
  • Several implants can support a bridge re-educatio or a full replacement set (4 to 6 implants).
  • The implant can also hold in place a removable dental prosthesis (2 or 4 implants).

A preliminary study can determine whether the implants are the best therapeutic option or not, and alternative solutions willalways be suggested to you. We will explain the advantages and the disadvantages of each technique and how the process is progressing at each stage.